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We are a professional Custom No flavor Pet Clean Wipes Factory for over 20 years, located in Zhejiang Province in China. Our main products include baby wet wipes, flush-able toilet wipes, makeup remover wet wipes, antibacterial wipes, home-used wipes, pet wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes...etc. All the products are product-ed by fully automatic machines in 100000-grade non-germ& very clean workshops. Our factory is with a total of 20 production lines which are all high-advanced quality. Delivery time is strongly assured. More than 150 workers are working professionally and responsibly and 20 quality inspectors with strict training and work in our unique system. We meet the current world requirement of the lowest cost but the best quality requirement. We deeply know the importance of the best prices, best quality, best delivery time, best loading quantity, and best salesperson. We have got ISO9001/ISO14001 quality system certificates.

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Product Knowledge

No flavor Pet Clean Wipes are a specially designed product for cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of pets. They offer a number of features and benefits, as described below:
No flavor, no alcohol, no pigment, no fluorescent agent, no bleach, no heavy metal:
These wipes are free from any artificial flavorings, alcohol, pigments, fluorescent agents, bleach, or heavy metals. This makes them safe for use on pets and reduces the risk of any adverse reactions or skin irritations.
Contains Ag+ silver ions, killing bacteria:
The wipes contain Ag+ silver ions, which have antimicrobial properties. This helps in killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms present on the pet's skin or fur. It promotes a clean and healthy environment for your pet.
Contains Jojoba essential oil, moisturizing skin:
Jojoba essential oil is known for its moisturizing properties. It helps to keep the pet's skin hydrated and prevents dryness. This is particularly beneficial for pets with sensitive or dry skin, as it helps maintain their skin's natural moisture balance.
These wipes can be used in various situations, including:
Local paws: You can use the wipes to clean your pet's paws after outdoor activities or walks, removing any dirt, mud, or potential contaminants.
After toilet: The wipes can be used to clean the genital area after your pet uses the toilet, ensuring cleanliness and reducing the chances of bacterial growth.
After meals: Wiping your pet's mouth and face after meals can help remove any food particles or residue, keeping them clean and fresh.
Daily beauty cleaning: The wipes can be used for regular cleaning of your pet's fur, removing dust, dander, and odor, which helps maintain their overall cleanliness and appearance.
Overall, No flavor Pet Clean Wipes provide a convenient and safe solution for keeping your pet clean, fresh, and free from harmful bacteria.