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who we are
Zhejiang Qianjie Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional

China Wholesale ODM&OEM Wet Wipes Manufacturers and Factory

for over 20 years, located in Zhejiang Province in China. Our main products include baby wet wipes, flush-able toilet moist tissue, makeup remover wet wipes, antibacterial wipes,home-used wipes, pet wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes etc.
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what can we offer you
We can provide various types of wipes. We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to contact our company to discuss trade and technical exchanges.
Baby Wipes
Baby Wipes +
Flushable wipes
Flushable wipes +
Antibacterial Wipes
Antibacterial Wipes +
Beauty Facial Wipes
Beauty Facial Wipes +
Pet Wipes
Pet Wipes +
Household Cleaning Wipes
Household Cleaning Wipes +
Private Care Wipes
Private Care Wipes +
Natural Wet Wipes
Natural Wet Wipes +
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our information
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Can biodegradable wipes be flushed down the toilet without causing blockages?
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