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Zhejiang Qianjie Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

We are a professional Custom Sanitary Wipes Factory for over 20 years, located in Zhejiang Province in China. Our main products include baby wet wipes, flush-able toilet wipes, makeup remover wet wipes, antibacterial wipes, home-used wipes, pet wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes...etc. All the products are product-ed by fully automatic machines in 100000-grade non-germ& very clean workshops. Our factory is with a total of 20 production lines which are all high-advanced quality. Delivery time is strongly assured. More than 150 workers are working professionally and responsibly and 20 quality inspectors with strict training and work in our unique system. We meet the current world requirement of the lowest cost but the best quality requirement. We deeply know the importance of the best prices, best quality, best delivery time, best loading quantity, and best salesperson. We have got ISO9001/ISO14001 quality system certificates.

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Product Knowledge

It seems like you are describing the features and qualities of sanitary wipes. Based on the information you provided, here is a summary of the key points:
Skin Tests: The sanitary wipes have passed various tests to ensure they do not cause skin irritation. These tests may include a zero irritation test, colony test, bactericidal rate test, formaldehyde test, and non-transferable fluorescent agent test. These tests ensure that the wipes are safe for use on the skin.

Non-Alcoholic Disinfectant: The wipes do not contain alcohol as a disinfectant. Instead, they use benzalkonium chloride, which is a food-grade disinfectant ingredient. The dosage of benzalkonium chloride used in the wipes meets the limits set for skin care products and wipes by the European Union (≦0.1%).

Moisturizing and Disinfecting Ingredients: The wipes include various moisturizing and disinfecting ingredients. These include shea butter essence, avocado essence, aloe vera essence, Asiatica essence, chamomile essence, and glycerin. These ingredients help to moisturize the skin while effectively disinfecting germs.

Overall, these features indicate that the sanitary wipes you mentioned are designed to provide effective cleaning and disinfection while being gentle on the skin.